Your smart meter is emitting cancer-causing radiation

Smart meters are all the rage these days. Utilities like to say that these devices will help to reduce your bills and are more efficient than their analog predecessors, but is the cancer-causing radiation they emit really worth it?

Concerns over the electro-magnetic radiation that is produced by smart meters has continued to grow, despite assurances from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that the broadcasting frequencies emitted by smart meters are totally safe for humans. Of course these claims are rather befuddling, given that in May of 2011, the WHO officially recognized that wireless radiation such as what is emitted by smart meters is potentially carcinogenic.

So, smart meters are totally safe, except for the part where they cause cancer.

Many independent studies have shown that smart meters are associated with the onset of many other health problems, in addition to cancer. People who are consistently exposed to smart meters in their living spaces have reported insomnia, headaches, neuropathy, sinus issues, thyroid problems, hyperactivity and other illnesses that developed after their smart meter was installed.

Waking Times reports, “Smart meters emit high-frequency RF radiation 24/7, from 250mWatts to 2.0Watts. At times, the radiation from a smart meter can be up to 160 times the radiation of a cell phone.” They also go on to note that unlike other devices, you can’t control your smart meter. You can at least choose to turn off your cellphone or your tablet.

Many aspects of modern medicine and technology also increase susceptibility to electro-magnetic radiation. Dental amalgams and heavy metals in our food supply turn our bodies into veritable antennae for radiation! By attracting more electro-magnetic radiation, a person’s body will inherently experience more negative effects and become more susceptible to illness or other side effects.

And as if contributing to the onset of debilitating conditions wasn’t bad enough, lets not forget about the massive invasion of personal privacy that smart meters also come with. Smart meters allow your utility company to know when you wash your clothes and cook dinner. These devices record all your daily activities — not just your energy consumption.

Protect your body and your privacy by saying “no” to smart meters.



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